Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Dates 2021

Workshop Dates 2021

Our Key workshop dates for 2021 are as follows: 25 February 2021: Child protection policy workshop 25 March 2021: LEAD…
Workshop Dates 2019

Workshop Dates 2019

Our Key workshop dates for 2019 are as follows: QIS QIS Standards Day – 13 Feb 2019 QIS Financial Accountability:…


The workshop allowed for our staff to reflect on their own skills used during the therapeutic phase with our clients. I would definitely recommend Ezrah to other organisations.

Safeline Child Abuse
Treatment & Prevention Centre

The facilitation was given in a very warm, friendly and professional manner. The presenter was very informative and approachable. We would recommend this workshop to other centres working with children.

Hesketh King

I have learned specific questions to break down resistance and encourage change. It combined all the information into easy steps and made it easy to practise. There is a high need for this.

Child Protection
Workshop 2015

As a person I have grown, and I believe now that all things are possible no matter what background I come from, I can be someone in the future.

Eagles Rising

I have a clearer idea of how to implement policies and act on them. It is our children’s future that we as practitioners or caregivers have in our hands. I want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge.


I found the signs to look out for when a child is being abused and neglected especially helpful. I liked the facilitator, she explains everything clearly and gives examples, so we can understand.