In every decision that I make I had thought of the LEAD model principles and by using these principles to also encourage students at my school to stay in school.

Paarl Junior Town Council Member on implementing LEAD during 2018

Thank you for the impact that Ezrah has on the leaders of our partners and of course the communities which they serve.

Ivan Swartz (CEO: Valcare)

I will apply this at the aftercare through being an example to the kids on everything I have learned.

Child Participation Workshop Attendee

I always love and appreciate these seminars. It teaches me to be a better person and a good role model.

Child Participation Workshop Attendee 2019

For me the workshop was an eye-opener. Kind of gave me another view on helping me to raise my child in the right way.

Child Participation Workshop 2019

The Impact of training services provided by Ezrah was clearly evident after the first child protection project that we worked together in 2015, they provided practical interactive training sessions with the ECD practitioners on child protection policies. From the follow up meetings conducted with the ECD centres over 90 % of the trainees had put…

Marcia Sibara (ThinkTwice)