Parent Mentoring Workshop Feedback

Parent Mentoring Workshop Feedback

It was with great excitement that we hosted our parent mentoring workshop in collaboration with Valcare on the 7th of February 2019 in Paarl to equip parents and community leaders with parenting skills. Here is some of the feedback after the workshop:

– Was an amazing course and would love to join more.

– Really wonderful, learned a lot. Very encouraging!

– I have learned a lot. Now I can equip myself better for our fostering/adoption journey.

– I wish this could be rolled out to all communities as soon as possible. I know it will take time.

– That you must invest at all times in a child’s life and that the first 1000 days are very important.

– Contributed a lot especially understanding the mind of a child. The children didn’t ask to come on earth, so we need to love and protect them.