Focus Areas

What We Do

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Focus Areas

All the work we do is implemented through these four key focus areas.

Invest in people

Our investment is first and foremost in people, especially to empower the next generation as ethical leaders of change

Strategic Clarity

We value strategic clarity and forward thinking to define best practice in all that we do Strategic planning Policy development

Collaborative Solutions

We achieve social cohesion with a solution-focused attitude.

Ethical Commitment

We promote value-based education and disciplined, ethical service delivery.

Key Services

Empowering the next generation as leaders of change

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Equipping organisations to grow sustainably

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Building strong partnerships together

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Sharing values, skills and resources in line with best practice

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The workshop allowed for our staff to reflect on their own skills used during the therapeutic phase with our clients. I would definitely recommend Ezrah to other organisations.
Safeline Child Abuse
Treatment & Prevention Centre
The facilitation was given in a very warm, friendly and professional manner. The presenter was very informative and approachable. We would recommend this workshop to other centres working with children.
Hesketh King
I have learned specific questions to break down resistance and encourage change. It combined all the information into easy steps and made it easy to practise. There is a high need for this.
Child Protection
Workshop 2015
As a person I have grown, and I believe now that all things are possible no matter what background I come from, I can be someone in the future.
Eagles Rising
I have a clearer idea of how to implement policies and act on them. It is our children’s future that we as practitioners or caregivers have in our hands. I want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge.
I found the signs to look out for when a child is being abused and neglected especially helpful. I liked the facilitator, she explains everything clearly and gives examples, so we can understand.