Child-Protection Resources

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child trafficking in SA:

Recommendations updated may 2021

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Important Numbers

Important hotline numbers for families

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Recommended protocol for the use of photos of children

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Recommended protocol for the the correct reporting of sexual offences against children

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Service Provider List

Child protection service provider resource list

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child Protection Month

Celebration ideas

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Drakenstein Child Protection Steering Group Members

In partnership with Valcare, the goal of the Drakenstein Child Protection Programme is to enlarge the child protection capacity of identified community caregivers of children and to strengthen the collaboration between child protection stakeholders in the Drakenstein-area through the facilitation of a child protection steering group, training and mentoring.

As we are looking forward to some time of rest, let us remember that the holiday season is a time where children are especially vulnerable with high incidents of substance abuse, neglect and abuse. As a follow-up to  our very successful joint community session on the reporting of sexual abuse with our partners Valcare and Matla-A-Bana in collaboration with FCS and the NPA as part of 16 days of activism, Ezrah developed a protocol for the reporting of sexual offences. Please visit our resource page here to download this protocol and to find other valuable resources related to child protection.

Let’s continue to empower the community with child protection information, so we can work towards establishing safe communities where children matter most.