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Valcare is an Impact Funding Platform that serves as an effective connector between funders, projects and beneficiaries in the Paarl valley and surrounding areas.

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Unashamedly Ethical

Unashamedly Ethical is a global campaign by individuals and organisations guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living.

The Independent Code

The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa consists of a set of principles, values and responsibilities intended to guide and inform the way organisations are managed and conduct their affairs.

What People say

About ezrah

We have started well. We have a clear future plan, we have enthusiasm and hope, we are getting to a place where we can be a responsible, well managed organisation.

Strategic Planning Programme Participant 2020

I have learnt so many new skills! How to strategically plan leadership, governance, change management, policies, strength of board, fundraising, reporting and social media.

Strategic Planning Programme Participant 2020

Ezrah reflects integrity, a high level of ethics and empowerment in their service delivery. Ezrah takes initiative to promote excellent service delivery and address systems that malfunction in a constructive way.  Ezrah acts promptly, is supportive and always reliable and trustworthy. 

Hanlie van der Merwe (Paarl Branch Manager: Khula Development Group) and Carien van Zyl (Principal Social Worker: Khula Development Group)

Khula incorporated various aspects of the three different workshops into our programmes such as the four building blocks of parenting. The Child protection Steering group has given us a platform to voice our challenges regarding the reporting of child protection cases. It is also encouraging to collaborate and work on a joint protocol regarding the…

Hanlie van der Merwe (Paarl Branch Manager and Carien van Zyl (Principal Social Worker) from Khula Development Group

In 2018 we were privileged to (through Valcare) join Ezrah on our organisational development journey.  As an NGO that recently went through big organisational changes we benefited tremendously from the practical and succinct training.  We were presented with tools that we could use immediately, and Mariette truly has a gift of taking a big and complicated…

Carien de Klerk (Director: Good Hope Psychological Service)

Ezrah is our lifeline! As unexperienced NGO directors we feel so safe to know we have you as part of our team – thank you for the patience with which you guide us through our growing pains.

Nina Kearney (Chairperson: Kingdom Vision)

In every decision that I make I had thought of the LEAD model principles and by using these principles to also encourage students at my school to stay in school.

Paarl Junior Town Council Member on implementing LEAD during 2018

Thank you for the impact that Ezrah has on the leaders of our partners and of course the communities which they serve.

Ivan Swartz (CEO: Valcare)

I will apply this at the aftercare through being an example to the kids on everything I have learned.

Child Participation Workshop Attendee

I always love and appreciate these seminars. It teaches me to be a better person and a good role model.

Child Participation Workshop Attendee 2019

For me the workshop was an eye-opener. Kind of gave me another view on helping me to raise my child in the right way.

Child Participation Workshop 2019

The Impact of training services provided by Ezrah was clearly evident after the first child protection project that we worked together in 2015, they provided practical interactive training sessions with the ECD practitioners on child protection policies. From the follow up meetings conducted with the ECD centres over 90 % of the trainees had put…

Marcia Sibara (ThinkTwice)

I realized how important it is to focus on the implementation of the strategic planning and not just with service delivery.

ABBA Adoptions

It was really a privilege to attend the workshop. I was so excited to tell my colleague about the workshop and what it entails, and how we can implement it in our areas. I am super excited to start my parenting group.

ACVV Koeberg

The LEAD model will assist me tremendously with the development of our team, I loved how the facilitator brought her personal and practical experience, which always enhances training.

Strategic Development Workshop 2018

This workshop has helped me to differentiate between what is morally right and wrong and how it not only affects me, but others in my community. I highly recommend this to anyone who can get the chance to attend this workshop.

Child Participation Workshop 2018

I can’t wait to apply the information we learned today during our parenting skills workshops, as well as during our individual sessions with parents. Thank you and I am looking forward to another workshop!

Caregiver Workshop 2018

I learned how important it is to do everything with love, to have respect and peace, and to value teamwork. Thank you for your amazing work!

Khula Development Group, Stellenbosch

The workshop was excellent, and the information was truly insightful, I love the way the facilitator presented.

Khula Development Group

The LEAD model can be practically applied and used as a guideline in counselling. Model can also be used as a positive means to problem-solve.

Social Worker Coalition 2017