Empowering the next generation as leaders of change

Community Training & Development

Promoting ethical service delivery & quality education where children matter

Welcome to Ezrah

Grow Today. Lead Tomorrow.

What makes us different?

In Ezrah, we aim for the highest ethical standards in line with our motto, “Grow Today. Lead Tomorrow.”

Through innovative approaches in four key areas, our vision of promoting ethical service delivery and quality education where children matter, becomes a reality.

“Ethical values by definition are positive and they often require that we stretch outside of our own interests to respect, protect, serve and help others.”

Linda Fisher Thornton

Our Key Services


Empowering the next generation as leaders of change

Capacity Building

Equipping organisations to
grow sustainably


Building strong partnerships


Sharing values, skills and resources in line with best practice

How do we do it?

We implement our key services in four focus areas


We value and care for people with a strong focus on children’s best interests.


We achieve social cohesion with a solution-focused attitude.


We implement purpose with clarity and


We promote value-based education and disciplined, ethical service delivery.

Our Programmes

Our programmes based on our LEAD model consist of smaller projects all contributing to sustainable change in our four focus areas.

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Building Trusting Stakeholder Relationships

Building Trusting Stakeholder Relationships

What determines the strength of an NPO? The size of its budget? The scope of its services? Or length of its history? Rather, there is one element that all resilient, impactful NPOs have in common – authentic trusting relationships rooted in a value-based culture. 1....

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About ezrah

I have learned to report if you see something is wrong; never keep quiet.

Gaynore Rossouw, Kinderjoy Dagsorg, 2023

The training was very inspiring and encouraging. It motivated the group to learn more about child protection.

Participant to CP policy workshop, 2023.

An excellent workshop with a lot of practical examples. I learned a lot.” 

Sanmarie Botha, Social worker, ACVV Wellington, 2023