Community Training & Development
Promoting ethical service delivery and quality education where children matter.
Empowering the next generation as leaders of change

Ethical values by definition are positive and they often require that we stretch outside of our own interests to respect, protect, serve and help others.

Linda Fisher Thornton

What makes us different?

In Ezrah, we aim for the highest ethical standards in line with our motto,
“Grow Today. Lead Tomorrow.” 

Through innovative approaches in four key areas, our vision of promoting ethical service delivery and quality education where children matter, becomes a reality.

Our Key Services

Leadership Development

Empowering the next generation as leaders of change

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Capacity Building

Equipping organisations to grow sustainably

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Building strong partnerships together

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Sharing values, skills and resources in line with best practice

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How do we do it?

We implement our key services in four focus areas

Investment in people 

We value and care for people with a strong focus on children’s best interests.

Strategic Clarity

We implement purpose with clarity and endurance.

Collaborative Solutions

We achieve social cohesion with a solution-focused attitude.

 Ethical Commitment

We promote value-based education and disciplined, ethical service delivery.

Our Programmes

Our programmes based on our LEAD model consist of smaller projects all contributing to sustainable change in our four focus areas.

Latest News

2018 Thank You
2018 Thank You
As we conclude this year, we want to thank all our loyal Ezrah friends, clients, partners, directors, staff, funders, Drakenstein steering group members and colleagues for all your diligent support…
Workshop Dates 2019
Workshop Dates 2019
Our Key workshop dates for 2019 are as follows: QIS QIS Standards Day – 13 Feb 2019 QIS Financial Accountability: 10-11 April 2019 QIS Project Planning and Design: 10-11, 17…
Drakenstein Child Protection Programme
Drakenstein Child Protection Programme
In partnership with Valcare, Ezrah implemented the first year of the Drakenstein Child Protection Programme. This long-term programme forms part of Connect Network’s city-wide safe community strategy to implement 10…

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